X10- Histogram Inaccuracy

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Re: X10- Histogram Inaccuracy

I suppose it all comes down to the way one works. I am happiest making judgements on exposure etc prior to consulting the camera, making the settings and then using the camera, if necessary as a confirmation. I find that most of the time I'm pretty close with my assessment and gives me a greater sense of control when I can include that with the less subjective processes of composition etc. Post processing also plays a part in the process and the camera isn't going to be too wise about that. Just the same as exposing BW film with a specific development process in mind to control contrast.

And I think that every camera needs some sort of callibration with your mind to get the best out of it. I know that the screen on my K5 is going to show dark even though the exposure is correct, so I have an understanding with it. Could probably adjust it somewhere but......

May not suit everybody but for me that is the craft of picture making, and I like it.

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