Any Dynamic Range Concerns - D800?

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Re: People will be amazed!

That's quite impressive!

I was initially a bit disappointed with the D7000 because it blows highlights much easier than the D700, but I didn't realize the shadow recovery was that good

rhlpetrus wrote:

Nice example, but those that haven't played with D7000's file will be amazed by how much one can bring back from oblivion, especially in the shadows. 1,2,3,4 stops with relatively low noise and keeping colors.

I tested it carefully and was able to capture about 13EV from a scene of 16EV. I posted it here some time ago, form the white pillow outside to the darkest aeras in the hanger, 16EV. About 13 are represented above noise level. One big issue is that lens flare enters the picture and destroys anything beyond 13EV, I tested it.

Here is the image ooc:

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