Got my EVF - tested it with glasses...

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Got my EVF - tested it with glasses...

My EVF arrived for my 5N today, waiting for me when I got home. I was excited to open up the box and pull the little thing out, immediately attaching it to my NEX. My experience is limited so far to using it in low light - and I can't say I see any reasons to not like it - it's plenty clear and viewable, even with a slowish lens in a dim room - noise is definitely up when it has to gain up, but not to the point where I can't clearly control manual focus or judge autofocus accuracy. In better light (well lit kitchen) it's extremely bright and clear.

The EVF attaches extremely securely - as others have mentioned I've got no fears for the sturdiness of it - I am able to pick up the camera by the EVF, even with the 55-210mm lens onboard, with no wiggle room or flex. The screw mounts in very securely, just as on the flash unit.

I immediately went into the menu and changed the EVF/LCD setting to 'manual' rather than auto, as I'd prefer to decide when to use it and when to not (I hate eye sensor switching) - and this allows me to leave it in EVF mode all day when I'm shooting with the 55-210, or switch to LCD with the 18-55 if I want to. So far, I've left brightness on Auto - I'll judge it further when I can use it in daylight.

I also had wanted to test out its use with eyeglasses, as that's how I'll likely use it most of the time. I slightly adjusted the diopter with my glasses on until it was crisp and sharp all the way across - I have no problems seeing the entire screen, including screen data around the perimeters with glasses on. As I've mentioned before, I use fairly small lenses, and they set well in on my face, so I don't really have light intrusion issues and the glasses don't set the viewfinder too far for my eye. This could be different for each person, depending on their face and their glasses. I also have no problem clearing the camera body/LCD with my face - the very tip of my nose just brushes the LCD if I have the viewfinder all the way down - though I also find I prefer the viewfinder tilted about 45 degrees up, as it's a good shooting stance for me.

I tested the diopter range since another thread was mentioning issues with the NEX7 not having enough range for near-sighted users who want to go without glasses - I have roughly the same situation as that poster - nearsighted most of my life, but the beginnings of reading issues as age comes on which make close focus harder with glasses than without. So without my glasses, I was able to adjust the diopter perfectly for my nearsighted vision...though it did have to be pushed almost to its limit in one direction. So I guess it's probable the adjustment range matches the NEX7. Not a problem for me personally...and since I'll be using it mostly with my glasses on, even less of an issue.

Briefly tried manual lens and Peaking, just to see how it looked...I had to stick to my kitchen as the rest of the house at dusk was too dark to get much peaking at all - in the kitchen though, I found the peaking seemed to be roughly the same viewability whether on the LCD or EVF. Manual focusing was a cinch - at least as easy as with the LCD, and moreso for me because having the camera to my eye while focusing feels much more stable and allows me to transition to shot much faster and more instinctually.

I look forward to more daytime testing of the EVF too, for comparison - hopefully I can get the chance on the weekend, but it looks like it might be another overcast and rainy one.

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