weird spot in my pictures

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Re: weird spot in my pictures

a) It's not on your lens, nothing ever on a lens short of a large twig would do this. You can have pretty large 'stuff' land on the front element of a lens as a single blob and it won't show. A thin layer of sand or dust will, on the other hand, ruin pictures all too easily. You can scratch a lens and it won't show up at all in the picture; put a greasy fingerprint on it and you will see the softer, muddy results easily. The rear element is also very unlikely ever to 'image' a foreign body this way, especially on that lens.

b) If you really cleaned the front of your lens with your shirt, please think hard before trying to clean the sensor - do not use an old paintbrush, make-up brush, or blow it by mouth - get a proper blower bulb (remove the brush if there's a brush attached) and lightly puff air - in clean conditions, with care - to dislodge what is clearly a small dust or hair fragment.


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