D800 - best budget lenses?

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Re: Second hand manual lenses... :)

J Mankila wrote:

I've yet to try mine on a D800, but I would say, or hope rather, that the AI 35/1.4 should do fine.
Or the AI-S 50/1.2

Very very sharp lenses both of them from about f2.8. If these lenses dissappoints on the D800 most any lens will.

One of the great things about the D700 has been that it makes even modest lenses look acceptable, by virtue of its large pixels.....

That's the common belief, it seems. But in real life, with large pixels, you're only suppressing the resolution of the lens. Let me present an example. Check out the Nikkor 25-50/4 review:

With film, it's great. "Images are sharp from corner to corner", says Bjorn. With D2X, it's great. But with D3, "it interacts less gracefully".

I can only deduce that the strong AA filter and low resolution are the pundits, here. In pure resolution, my copy of the lens almost equalled the 17-35/2.8 at 25mm when used on the 10MP D80. In fact, already in the corners of the DX sensor, the 25-50 was better.

Film responds differently in the corners than do digital sensors. Most, but not all, of the old wide angle lenses has better corners on film than on digital FX.

Lenses with poor corners but better center resolution look better on the DX crop.

Cheap lenses, that resolve less across the frame look distinctly worse on a high-res DX crop than on the 12 mp FX.

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