D800 - best budget lenses?

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Re: I like the 18-55VR

I think that we're all speculating now.

Clearly the pro lenses are likely to be good bets.

I wouldn't recommend cheap kit DX lenses for a $3000 FF camera for obvious reasons.

But I think that there are some good 3d-party primes out as well as Nikkor primes. The 50 1.8G is good, but someone questioned whether its soft corners will be a problem.

The trick will be finding good 3d-party zooms.

Jon Rty wrote:
This is either really funny or little sad, and I'm not sure which.

Cha Chief wrote:

It works great and it sure is a budget lens. Get the 55-200VR and you've covered a lot. Generally if you just get a prime, it will leave you wishing you'd bought a zoom. You won't always be in places where your legs can do the zooming.

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