G1X Brief Hands-On

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Re: G1X Brief Hands-On

WSLam wrote:

It is interesting to compare it to the Fuji X10. Other than the DOF difference, the cameras are actually similar imho. I have no doubt the G1X will have stellar IQ in good shooting conditions, better than X10, but it is ironic that under poor lighting condition, it may not be any better than the X10.

I don't plan on buying either camera, but looking at studio comparison images it's pretty clear that the G1X's ISO 3200 images look about as good as the X10's ISO200-400 images, so you've already got 3+ stops right there. That puts the G1X roughly on par with the X10 at the long end, but still about 2+ stops better at the wide end. So in terms of IQ, the G1X is by far the better low light camera.

Autofocus is another matter. I'll just take your word for it for now.

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