How do camera manufacturers cope???

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How do camera manufacturers cope???

It is more clear than ever, with the recent glut of new models, that camera manufacturers seem to be struggling to make sense themselves as to the best direction for development.

Every time a camera is announced, even before it is available, there seems to be any number of polarised camps, praising or criticising; often for no other reason than the specifications don't suit some imagined standard.

Canon brings out the 1Dx - too few pixels, Nikon brings out the V1 - too small/big, Sony brings out the NEX - choose your criticism, Olympus announces the OM-D - EVF is wrong, etc.. Practically all get panned for missing the boat in some vital respect, whether justified or not (by the way, those in the list are not personal views, merely an illustration!)

It would seem to me that just about every camera sold these days can produce fantastic images, most likely in 90% of situations, but we constantly look to cover that 10 %. Consequently, the pressure on companies to figure out the engineering compromises in the face of so many technological advances and a hyper-critical marketplace must be enormous!

I would love to be a fly on the wall in the product development meetings! it must be 'Stress City'!!!

Does anyone think that there are too many diverging lines (mounts, sensors, viewfinders, etc.) with the market becoming too cluttered and chaotic, or will some standard emerge as the most sensible? As it is, most decisions are inevitably our own compromise of what is important, given what is available, and our choice of purchase can have far reaching consequences if a new camera appears that means such compromises are unnecessary.

Pick the wrong horse and it might cost a pretty penny...
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