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I have both an older Drobo and a Windows Home Server (HP MedialSmart 210 I think). The advantage of the Drobo is that it's user friendly in that if the light turns red replace the drive. Need more space add/replace with a bigger drive and the Drobo takes care of everything including warning you when your in danger of not recovering from a drive failure. It does not do a backup, it only has duplicates of anything stored on it. Its truly made to be easy to use and unobtrusive. Yes you can do the same thing with a cheaper drive box, but then you have to do a lot of messing around. If you want to back up your computer and especially if you have multiple computers on your home network, then a Windows Home Server is a really good solution. WHS does a complete backup - that is if your drive(s) all fail on your computer, buy replacement drives, load the WHS server client and it will restore to the last backup. You tell WHS what computers are on your network and it does the backup in the middle of the night. Its not quite as friendly as the Drobo, but its far better than any backup software I've ever had. I use to use Acronis backup software, but eventually Acronis released software that just did not work, it would back up for a few days then quit, and I use to swear by Acronis as it was the software to use. Now after having a WHS for a few years, I would never go back. Summary DROBO easy to use, good for you prime storage of photos. Want backup of you computers, consider a windows home server.

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