Nex 7 And the Contax/Yas lenses

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Re: Nex 7 And the Contax/Yas lenses

Yes, IMO the G's match it. And both G's offer wider aperture...

However, I find that the 35-70 zoom + macro function @ 35mm is superb for versatility so I tend to mount that lens and leave it on despite it being a less convenient size. It is far more convenient than swapping lenses.

As well, I can use the CY's on my Canon FF.

cptrios wrote:

Oxheart wrote:

There is no AF confirm.

I use CY35-70 & CY28/2.8 on my NEX 5N. The 28 is reasonably small. The Contax G lenses are also excellent, I have a couple of them (90 and 45). They are more compact and the adapter is smaller and thinner than a CY adapter.

Is that 35-70 not amazing? I love mine and am going to hate selling it now that I'm switching over to NEX. Out of curiosity, would you say that the 90 and 45 G lenses (which are likely going to replace my 35-70) match up to it in terms of sharpness and microcontrast?

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