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Re: I think I did!

And I said:

"Your predictions are more or less the same as mine, and I'm 90% sure we will turn out to be right.
What you want of course could not be more off

I want an E-PM3 with built in VF2 in an OM1 styled but slightly smaller body with a sensor that has PDAF on board, so that it can use the FT lenses.

I suspect that is what Oly want too, but don't have the clout to get the sensor."

Big Ga wrote:

jim stirling wrote:

well ?

Probably me
(but I'm sure others got close as well)

Lets have a look at what I predicted:

What I think WILL happen ....
It still won't focus FT lenses anywhere near as well as we need. Nowhere close.


Its going to be an EP3 in a different styled body with at last a built in viewfinder


The 'revolutionary' bit will probably be nothing more than its built in and its in the middle/in a pentaprism type hump. They might speed some aspect of the processing up, but the base technology will already exist in something else.


They will make it small, cute and sexy, which will probably be very nice for native MFT lenses, but it will be on the small side for people wanting to use FT lenses. All this hooha about super duper focus speed is going to turn out to be a marginal increase in processing speed over the current best of the bunch. i.e. nothing that most people will notice in real life, but Oly will be able to make some 'worlds fastest AF' claim.


The sensor will be a plain Jane G3 one. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but nothing groundbreaking


The extended ISO and 'optimised DR' claims that are being bandied about will turn out to be nothing more than Oly raising the ISO160 of the G3 to ISO200, doing some more tone curve trickery with the OOC JPGS. For a RAW shooter, to all intents and purposes, the G3 and OMD will have very similar performance (albeit the Oly will be noisier at base unless you 'overexpose' to compensate)

Wait for the tests, but almost certainly a 'check' as well

There will be a black one, and a silver one


They may try and pull a fast one and make one a 'special edition' and really make you pay over the odds!

Not out now. But lets wait and see!

This camera won't be cheap.

Check. Most expensive MFT cam by a fair percentage.

It will be very well built, very nice, very desirable,


but you'll have to think hard about justifying it at launch price!

Will of course depend on the person. Lets wait for all those threads LOL...

"Weather-sealed" will be made a big thing of.


However while I would normally get excited and think that this means we can use our weathersealed FT lenses on it (after all ... what's the point of a weathersealed camera without a range (not just one) of weathersealed lenses to go with it), and so by extension, they have sorted the AF out (what's the point of putting lenses on a camera if they don't work particularly well!) ..... however, I predict all this means is that they will start to churn out weathersealed versions of MFT lenses.


I hope I'm wrong.

I tell you ... its tough being right as often as I am ....

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