What if Cannon makes a clean break with Studio/landscape?

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What if Cannon makes a clean break with Studio/landscape?

This is a speculative post that explores other option. Perhaps Canon is going to offer specialized cameras rather than jack of all trades master of none types. That’s what the cameras below prosumer level are for. Pros and serious amateurs will own more than one body.

The 1DX is a specialized SJ camera.

The 7D is a lower cost action oriented camera. Its replacement will probably upgrade performance but retain the specialization.

The 60D and its follow-ups will be a mid/low level do everything on a budget camera for those who cannot afford the more specialized cameras.

The 1DX abandoned high image quality so it left a hole to be filled, no doubt by whatever replaces the 5D-mk2. But does it need to ne a DSLR?

The recent upgrades in high end lenses and the introduction of the 17 and 24 TSE’s indicate that the roadmap will continue to use the EF mount. But again, does it have to have a mirror?

What does such a camera need for the intended audience?

1. Competitive with the Nikon D8000 for megapixels. So around 36.

2. A better focus system, but not necessarily AF or more than a basic AF. What is needed is a reliable way to get perfect manual focus. This means a break through in the rear display. Larger, crisper, detachable, perhaps with peaking or some other focus confirmation aid.

3. Rugged enough for outdoor landscape use, but in my experience, all the metal bodied cameras from the D10 have been rugged enough.

4. Clean images. This camera does not need nose bleed ISO, but useable to 3200 or perhaps 6400 is needed and especially clean shadow at base ISO.

5. An option to eliminate the AA filter.

That’s my list but I only do landscapes and so I am not so good at knowing what other things it needs.

Don’t tell me it needs to do sports or other action. That’s not the niche.

Events, probably including weddings are 1DX territory. Am I wrong? How big do you print wedding pictures? Do you need more than 18mpixels?

Do fashion shooters need 36mpixels? If so they may need AF.

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