Is Em-5 worth $500 more than G3 kit?

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Re: Louis it looks like we need to wait a little longer...

Louis_Dobson wrote:

The GH2 is great for landscapes (which is most of what I do...) but drives me barking for quick shooting.

If the OM-D has GH2 IQ, great, I can sell the GH2. If not, they share lenses and the GH2 does the landscapes and the OM-D will do everything else...

Ordered. It's already paid for by selling the D3 last month.

Well then thats GREAT!!

What I could sell would only bring "pocket change"..

I haven't ever bought any top-of-the-line bodies except for the E-1 (when it was the "top" (and only) weather proof Olympus).

I've already begun to "scramble" for money... I've got several computers I've built, that I can sell, for a start..

Sold one last nite.. just one of those things.. Someone asked me where they could get a Laptop for reasonable money, and I just happened to have one (a couple of weeks old) behind the seat of my truck.. SOLD!!!

300 towards either the GH2 or the new OM...

I'll be looking for raw files from the OM at base ISO on a daily basis, 'till I find some.

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