I feel sort of sorry for

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Re: I should also add

bikinchris wrote:

If someone bought it for business and is going to use it as it was meant, in a professional money making way, will get their monies worth out of it.

It's the people who buy the latest thing as neck jewelry who are losing the most money.

Possibly true in both cases as it depends on how you amortize the camera. Even so, I have no doubt the sale price for the unit will take a hit - even allowing for monies made using it as you budget for a certain residual.

And yes, even after owning for over 2 years this will hurt when sale time comes

Great for the overall purchaser, but personally from a purely financial standpoint not so much.

D200_4me wrote:

...if anyone is going to be honest with themselves, if you had just bought a D3x not too long ago, there's no doubt a 'aww crap' feeling right about now. I sure would feel that way. Why? It's obvious. The D800 has a much better metering system, as good or better high ISO. Higher resolution. Great video. Better autofocus, etc, etc. Why in the world would someone knowingly pick the D3x over the D800? There are only a few minor advantages the D3x might have, for example if you prefer the full size body.

Weather sealing, robustness and size are expensive with that kind of price differential. You could trash one and buy another and still potentially be in pocket. Of course, some real world samples and comparisons aren't out there yet.



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