Diopter Correction On EM5?

Started Feb 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
olyflyer Forum Pro • Posts: 24,154
Now it is fine, but before it was bad.

Claus A wrote:


Anyone who has owned both the (old) C8080 and the (not so old:-) E3 just knows that the simpler approach - LCD swivel just up/down - is fine with most photographic situations.

When you need it (camera down on ground or camera up over the head), it's there.

The fold-out LCD of the E3 is fine for tripod use, but cumbersome for candid, easy and inconspicuous photography.

So, now suddenly it is just fine and a good solution... until now, while only Nikon and Sony had it, it was just a bad, or at best, a half good solution.

Of course, even I know that in most cases this is what's needed, but none the less... good luck in protecting that LCD. Remember, I have a D300s with a fixed screen and a scratched, some times even dirty protector, but I don't have a touch screen, so I don't care about it that much.

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