OM-D better video than GH2 claim...

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Re: OM-D better video than GH2 claim .. And what about the sensor ?

rrr_hhh wrote:

I'm now wondering whether those who bet on a GH2 sensor weren't right

You could be right, but if Oly chooses a sensor based on GH2 architecture, then it is not using the sensor to its fullest potential and makes a wrong choice financially because GH sensor is more expensive than the GX. The difference is mentioned in an interview.

'You see this in the difference between the GH2 and the G3, for example, or even the GX1. The GH2 has a full digital Micro Four Thirds 16 megapixel sensor, whereas the GX and the G3 have analog 16 megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensors. The numbers are the same, but the technology is vastly different. Now, what the digital version gets you is far better video--far better, faster readout rates--but it’s a lot more expensive'

You can read the rest at the imaging resource site.

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