OM-D better video than GH2 claim...

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But claims by whom?

Certainly Olympus hasn't uttered such a claim officially. And when you read that rumour, it said something about reduced jello effect. Nothing more. It may have very clean and sharp output, but that doesn't mean that it is now the best tool for the job: controls, codecs, framerates, HDMI output during filming etc. may all mean that other cameras are still better tools for producing high level video.

Brian Mosley wrote:

I'm wondering whether the new stabilisation system is behind this claim of better video - looking at this informative piece by pokkapotka :

there's quite a bit about the new stabilisation system, and how it works for video as well as for stills. If the stabilisation works well for roll, that would be a completely new capability.

Of course, there's more to video quality than stabilisation - just wondering where the claims could be (small print) justified.

I'm most interested in what Olympus have managed to do with that G3 sensor... to reduce noise and increase dynamic range. Colour and detail we can take from the 'better than E-5' to be exceptional.


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