D800 max print size for 220 ppi

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Re: PPI rule of thum re distance viewing

rhlpetrus wrote:

McCool69 wrote:

Don't forget that you could probably drop the ppi quite a bit for prints that size and still get great results.

One doesn't normally view large prints from distances of a feet or two.

Use PPI = 300/d, where distance is in feet.

So, reading distance, 300PPI, 2ft, 150PPI, 10ft, 30PPI. That's to avoid dithering used in printers, unrelated to camera pixel count, that comes just to check which is final size.

Thus, at 10ft distance, the D800's file would provide for a 245" wide image, or a billboard 6 metres long. Of course one may be conservative, use 60PPI and still get a nice 3m long panel.

Reference: Steinmuller's book on digital printing.

Does it actually say 30 ppi at 10 feet??? I find that a bit incredulous...

I have printed 16x20 images at 50 ppi , on canvas too, which is much more forgiving than glossy paper would be. It takes a lot of work, requires a very special image to start with, and unless the subject matter is extremely significant it just plain looks horrible at 10 feet. (Actually, it looks inferior all the way out to at least 15 feet too.)

I wouldn't expect to go lower than about 120 ppi unless the print is very large and the viewing distance very far. For anything viewed within about 12 feet, I would use 1000/d rather than 300/d, and smaller ppi only at larger viewing distances.

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