How cool will macro be on the d800?

Started Feb 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
henne Regular Member • Posts: 213
Re: How cool will macro be on the d800?

lanef wrote:

Yes, but don't forget it depends on what you are shooting and what focal length you are after and which brand you want to buy.

Not really, macro-lenses are where the third-party easily can keep up with the real brands.

Actually you have to go for even more exotics if you want really sharp macro-lenses, Voigtlander, Coastal Optics and so on.

I use the Sigma 180HSM and the Nikon 105VR depending on the task at hand, and for me AF-speed is important, otherwise a Tamron 90, 180, Tokina 100 or Sigma 105 would have done fine.

And I still dream of a true apochromatic lens, since none of the cheap ones are free of LoCa's, not even the Zeiss or Nikkors.

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