Friedman's book on A77/A65 is ready

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Ahh! The fog lifts...

PhotoguyCanada wrote:

Mike CH wrote:

I think I see something slightly different, there, about which I feel strongly

My main beef is that set of question marks, '???', still being there in the menu. And not whether it is left empty, filled out with something else or shifted up. These would all be viable solutions.

The real problem from my POV is that those question marks were left in.

They are a sign of a developer asking, "What goes here?" And that question went unheard and unanswered all the way through QC to production. And that doesn't speak well of the development process. IMnsHO.
Wait and see...

Then you should be happy to know that people that have actually used the a77 know that there are "NO" question marks on the menu. Those were superimposed into the image for the purpose of the author of the book to make his point.

Ah - now that puts it in a different light! All complaints about development process retracted.

UI-wise, in my eyes, not the optimal solution to leave it blank. But heads and shoulders above the question marks.

Wait and see...

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