Pi$$ed off Pro vs amateur. Would you have capitulated?

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Not getting it.

YoHahnMD wrote:

He was on the sidelines during a torrential downpour with his Mamiya 645 and Vivitar 285 flash trying to shoot the game while his girlfriend was holding an umbrella over his head. . . one hand-crank shot at a time with flash, and he nosed up to me with two Canon F1's and two Canon A1's (all with motordrives and a monopod on two of them), and then said to me . . .

"I could never understand how anyone could shoot professionally with a 35mm camera!" . . .

I guess I don't get your point, sorry if I am a bit thick. Are you saying when forced to sit in a seat at the back of an auditorium shooting a play, you should use a 4/3rds camera? Perhaps you are saying better to be a good photographer with a 4/3rds than a poor photographer and an expensive camera in which case I would agree.

As I was looking through the viewfinder of one of my trusty Canon F1n's as a play was unfolding, I said out of the corner of my mouth while pressing the shutter button and catching the sequense five and a half frames per second to his one shot . . .

I talked with a pro shooter, He worked in the sports photography industry and even took pics of the same sports I like to. He asked me if I sprayed and prayed. I was unsure what he meant but he said, do you hold the shutter down and capture images as fast as the camera would go. I said no, single shot, but I did feel I was missing some shots by not doing so. He said, learn how to capture one shot at a time first.

"Because we know what it takes to get the shot!"

Then I followed the play and postioned myself for the next play while he stayed in the same spot.

I realize that having the better camera or what I might consider the better camera does not mean I am a pro, or that the other photographer was not as good as I was. I believe talent, experience, and persistence will triumph

The following year he wasn't hired to shoot the class reunion group shots at homecoming . . . nor ever again, for that matter!
I was!

As it should be.

I think one of the biggest falicies that many people have about photographers is that they think that just because they own an expensive camera . . . they must be good!

I agree, but in sports, having good performance at high ISO, good FPS, fast AF, fast glass helps . But I also agree that the best equipment in the hands of the inexperienced does not make for a good photographer and getting the shot is the thing.

And just because they have nice equipment many people think that they can shoot any kind of photography and must be good at shooting eveything!

Trust me, I don't think that way, every type of photography I have tried, sports, landscape, portrait, wedding, macro and now play, they each had different things you had to learn for each, different setting, lenses, dealing with different light. Even in sports. Positioning is different for each sport. It is a struggle to learn and there are not a lot of books that explain it. I guess that is where experience comes in, no amount of money spent on the best camera can buy that.

Not to mention that far too many around here are more concerned about high ISO noise than they are about capturing the actual image itself.

Getting the shot is the most important thing.

I am not a pro, not even a great amateur, but I think I got a few shots that will make the parents happy.

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