First 5D Mk ii v D800 head to head

Started Feb 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: First 5D Mk ii v D800 head to head

Mr Justice Cocklecarrot wrote:
After 5 hours in an oven on gas mark 9 (450f/250c) neither of
them work at all.
This suggests that, despite advances in many areas, the D800
does not have better high temperature oven baking withstanding
capabilities than the 5D mk ii

Yes, that's all very well - but what impact does high oven temperature have on the quantum efficiency of the sensor?

Also - which is the more ergonomically comfortable once it's melted?

And as everybody knows - Sony mirrorless cameras cool down much faster than DSLRs. How much longer must we wait for Canon to implement rapid-cooling plastics in their prosumer cameras?

I can't believe you didn't address these (ahem) burning issues.

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