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Kaj E wrote:

If you are a PP-savvy low volume RAW shooter who likes to PP your images to get the final drop of IQ out of them get the D800E.

If you don't care about PP and want a "general purpose" camera and particularly if you shoot TIFF or JPEGs get a D800.

Here's another reason or two...(the one above is an excellent reason)

Some guys will buy both. Nikon sells two cameras to some guys who may have thought to hang on to one of their cameras "just a little bit longer".

Look at the activity it's generating. Much more than simply "Nikon's brought out a D800", we now hear a deafening buzz about this monster of an image-maker, without an AA filter.

Re my post above- it will be interesting to see how often, and in exactly what circumstance the moire issue rears its head. Maybe things have got worse- like food additives- not everything has improved over time. Perhaps non-AA filtered sensor moire-management is worse- so now we have two cameras, for folks who never want the risk of moire.

You know the folks- the ones who ALWAYS shoot with a UV filter on the lens, because the man in the camera shop told them "the pictures will be better".

And he should know.

To paraphrase Kaj E:

When you really, really want to get everything you can out of a file, for one trophy image from a shoot, my money's on, that the lack of AA- will give you that little bit extra. Of course subject, lighting and other things come into it- but no AA means you have everything working for you, when the rubber meets the road.

Let's wait and see,



LIFE is a 'long exposure'... and full of 'noise'. Wouldn't want it any other way!

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