So where's the love for the GXR zoom?

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So where's the love for the GXR zoom?

Judging by this forum, this upcoming zoom would appears to be receiving the mutest reception of all the GXR units to date. Of course the Mount A12 trumped all others in terms of interest and volume of posts when it was announced, followed I think by the A12 28mm, but I'd say even the P10 got more discussion than this zoom.

The Canon G1 X has generated enormous interest and discussion, and in comparison this GXR Zoom seems to be all but ignored, even by GXR users! This despite being better specs by far - 16MP sensor, it's as good as if not better than even the Nikon D7000, or the new Pentax K-01. 24mm wide is possibly the widest compact APSC zoom on the market, including the new Canon G1 X, only the NEX 16mm pancake matches it... nine-blade diaphragm should be great smooth round bokeh..

The lens barrel is even made of magnesium for crying out loud. How cool is that? So why the lack of interest? Is it the size? The shape? The focal lengths?

Me, I've already said it'll be a non-starter if Ricoh doesn't get the video act together, and sadly they didn't... 720p... phhhtt.. maybe that could be a data/interface roadblock with the original GXR body as the sensor itself should be more than capable. Always with video, it's 'should' and 'can' but instead it's just 'doesn't'...

But what of all the other GXR users? Are you all GXR'ed out with module fatigue? Waiting for the next prime instead? Spending your money on Leica or Voigtlander lenses instead?

Amateur Photography UK has a few interesting quotes from Ricoh about the zoom:

  • hopes will serve as a 'killer unit for expanding GXR sales'

  • hopes the 24-85mm focal length will appeal to more enthusiasts than previous GXR units.

  • a regular camera unit that frequent users can leave attached to the body

So basically, a G1 X, but better. Smaller body, but longer lens. Which they hope to entice new GXR owners rather than existing ones. Maybe they will. But I think Ricoh needs to hire Canon's PR dept.

And on the GXR in general:

  • Ricoh said that most GXR sales stem from Japan , though UK sales are 'better than average', compared to other countries.

  • [speaking at CES] the firm added that its APS-C units are proving to be the most popular of its GXR modules.

One good thing is the RAW-only setting they mention with the zoom, which we may hopefully see as a general firmware update soon if it's possible.

Canon PowerShot G1 X Nikon D7000 Pentax K-01
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