A thought to ponder regarding moire

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A Moron? More on Moire

Sorry about the headline folks, had to use it before anyone else thought of it.

I shot at least 200 weddings on a prehistoric camera without an AA filter, and it gave stellar results- it was the Kodak 14n. I wore out two shutters, which the tech pointed out, had gone almost double the "reasonably expected" 80,000 cycles each.

Of course I shot other work too- not just weddings.

In all those images, under every conceivable condition, "moire" appeared in perhaps, two shots per shoot. It was so minor a concern, I didn't even think about it. Bridal gowns, black tuxedos, charcoal grey suits, with and without pin-stripes- all were fine.

It was a long time ago now, in life and in work, but I vaguely recall something about watching out for certain lighting conditions and being more acutely aware of correct exposure, and there was really no problem.

I have ordered my D800e. Can't wait! If it turns out a moire laden lemon for weddings, then I have a great camera for landscape photography, and a bag full of cameras that produced "client-thrilling" images last week before the d800 came out.

If anything, one would imagine that moire management by way of PP software must have improved, for the rare instances (if the past performance of the Kodak14n is anything to go by) that it would be required.



LIFE is a 'long exposure'... and full of 'noise'. Wouldn't want it any other way!

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