Used Lens Prices vs No Warranty? Convince me I'm not crazy!

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Used Lens Prices vs No Warranty? Convince me I'm not crazy!

A bit of a rant. I am dumbfounded by the prices that are being asked (and gotten?) for used lenses. My "rule of thumb" with photo gear is to try to only purchase used items that are about 30 to 40% off their current new selling price. Lately this seems nearly impossible to do and, although, I fully accept folk's right to charge what they want for used gear, it makes no sense to me what I see happening. My frustration of comprehension is mostly for newer gear that comes, as a result of manufacturers' policies, with no warranty protection.


Ex 1 -- Amazon has a like new (but used) Sigma 150 Macro OS for sale. Their price $990 is exactly 10% off current new selling price ($1100). Fair enough -- but it comes with no warranty from Amazon (30 day return) or Sigma (I called to confirm). Anyone else think it's a savings to spend $100 less than new for a used lens without a warranty?

Ex 2 -- Private party is selling a 6 month old Canon 70-200 f/2.8 II on a popular website buy & sell forum. Asking $2000. You pay 3% PayPal & shipping. Equals over $2100 - and with no warranty! Anyone else think it's worth saving $75 ( B&H $2175) to get no warranty?

Many items I see listed by private parties mentions X# of months of warranty left but according Canon and Sigma, it ain't so - warranty only covers the original purchaser. In Amazon and dealer's sales, they give you a sales receipt but it clearly says USED which doesn't qualify for warranty either.

I realize that older items would be out of warranty even for original owners but I assume one of the reasons fairly or virtually new items fetch a high price is because they are newer! But without a warranty, what makes the newness worth the extra $$?

In many items the warranty goes with the item not the original purchaser - autos, many consumer goods & electronics. Why not photo gear?

Any wisdom as to why manufacturers (Canon, Nikon, Sigma, etc) choose to deal with warranties the way they do? Or of the logic of buying used goods at a final price that is just under the new price without any protection?

Thanks for reading my rant,

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