Binoculars for photographers ????

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Re: Binoculars for photographers ????

This is a really open ended question that must be answered with the classic response, "It all depends." It depends on how serious a birder you are and how much you are willing to spend. Other factors include whether you wear glasses and how much weight you want hanging around your neck. I suggest looking at birder's magazines such as Birdwatching and Bird Watcher's Digest. They have each run group comparisons of high and mid cost binoculars in the past couple of years. Look at their websites.

I personally use Swarovski 10x42EL binos and they are the best. They have unparalleled light gathering power with amazing clarity. They also cost about $2000US. There are also very good ones in the $300-$600US range.

I also use a Swarovski 80mm/20-60x spotting scope. Again this is high end, but even the guides on bird tour grab my scope when then need the extra edge. This needs a very stable tripod for use in a high wind. The tripod will be useful for photography, too.

Finally, as someone said before, try before you buy.

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