Moose chooses D800-E

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Re: Moose chooses D800-E

Another good thing I thought of would be with a Nikon 300 F/4 AFS and the TC 2.0 we should be able to AF with this combo and reach (600 F/8) - may need to up the Iso and definitely need a tripod to get stable results but for the price of £1350.00 cannot be beaten (approx £995.00 for lens, £350 for TC)

Looking forward in using the D800 with a 2.0 TC & 200-400 to get AF and be interesting in hearing results from punters using these 2 setups with D800/D4...

Hope we see a revamp to the 300 F4 AFS to VR Mk 2 but not looking forward 2 price; example Canon 24-70 L IS MK 1 £995 new mk 2 version £2295 (> 50% increase!!)

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