X10- Histogram Inaccuracy

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Re: Consistenly overexposes


Bummer you think so poorly of the X10.

I to really wanted to like it, as a matter of fact I have one on order, but I also have a no questions asked 2 week return privlege, which is looking very much like I'm going to be doing, which is to bad!

Agree I shoot all my shots or ones I care about in Raw and have always used the histograms, if not trustworthy on the X10 a deal breaker. I don't care if God says the Jpegs are that good, I'm use to and intend to use Raw. I like being able to conentrate on composing my shots and making sure exposure is correct and worry about white balance color satuation, noise and shapness in the comfort of my home, not in the field. Even if Im occationaly am happy with the jpegs, have yet to ever have one that I could not treak a tad to improve. I have a feeling version 2 or the X11 might be the camera we all wanted this one to be.

Not giving up completly, but Fuji needs to step up with some good FW fixes.

take it slow

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