X10- Histogram Inaccuracy

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X10- Histogram Inaccuracy


There is nobody more wanting to praise the X10 than myself. Know that on paper the X10 is one of the most exciting cameras I've seen come along in a long time. Only paper doesn't translate practically.

Sadly I discovered a histogram reading issue before/during/after making an exposure. And it is so badly off the histogram is useless in a scene with any sort of highlights in the red channel at all.

Major deal breaker to me, major oversight. All the talk has been about ORBS on this forum but to me the histogram is a much worse isssue.

Todays sunrise sadly fell victim to the faulty X10, and it was a gorgeous one. I almost brought another camera with me but I'm mid review writing on this camera and wanted some nice shots for the review. I'm at the point where it will likely go back and never get reviewed.

Not sure if the histogram inaccuracy is due to the same issue with blooming highlights (orbs) or not, but I'm at the point of actually being afraid to rely on the X10. Of all the cameras I've reviewed, owned, used, I've never seen such a poor histogram implementation. I'm not sure if Fuji can fix that or not in a firmware update but buyers ought to be aware of this issue.

Todays shoot is just one example, and the X10 seemed to do ok in other scenes but it has a terrible time with sunrise and sunsets (assuming since the red spectrum will be present).

Besides its completely inaccurate reading, I find it a bug bear to work with. It will not reflect EV changes, and seems to be a dodgy throw in of a feature. Its there, but not useable or workable. Even after the exposure is made, the blinking highlights failed to show the gross overexposure of the red channel.

Images look beautiful on the LCD, and totally disgusting on my LCD monitors.

I'm not in a position at the moment to post the shots I took or a screen shot of the histogram of the X10, at work and the battery is dead now too (went from 2/3rds full to empty literally almost immediately).

Fuji rushed this one out, I'm very disappointed. Can't say I have a lot of confidence in Fuji right now.

I had some other nitpicks already down in the review I was willing to forgive, but now they become amplified because of this issue.

I hope Fujifilm is going to work all these issues out in a firmware update, otherwise the X10 is recall worthy in my opinion.

I have never had to be this critical in any camera review I've ever written, but I feel the need to inform readers.



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Fujifilm X10
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