Have Nikon stolen Oly's limelight?

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Re: A large D7000

illy wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

So, for US$3000 you can have a large D7000.

Or, for US$3300, a large D7000 crippled by the horrendous moire issues* of the E-5 (requiring a special version of Nikon's software to correct it).

[* Note: moire may not be visible unless you have "troll vision". Trolls, habituated in caves and the occasional bridge, naturally require cameras with ISO {insert pointlessly large number here} for their environs, and can see spurious colours at will.]

a large D7000.........you're away with the fairies

I guess he is reading the specs as the devil read the bible.

...but it is the Oly forum, so I want to learn all about the D800, which is why I am here now.

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