BlueTooth PENPal PP-1 "does" not work with iphone 4

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BlueTooth PENPal PP-1 "does" not work with iphone 4

i was very excited when i was looking at the new ep-3, and the salesman
said there was an adaptor that allow you to transmit pictures from the camera
to a mobile device!

So we set it up, and tried to have my iphone recognize the device by bluetooth
like its suppose to do, and it wasn't working.

So upon further reading in the manual, and searching the net,it says there is some
issues with the iphone, and it will not work..

so i would safely assume, that means an ipad as well.

when samsungs tablet/phone becomes available, i will try it with that, because thats
runs a different operating system.

I know about the eye fi cards, but i am not sure if i can transfer to an iphone with that.

Sometimes i am out in the field working and do not have a laptop, for security reasons

and need to get photos sent to my editor, so a camera with wifi or bluetooth features
is priceless for me.

I would have thought, camera designers, would know that a large segment of photographers actually use there equipment to make money with,and not just
take pretty pictures with to put on flickr.

Some manufacturers, wasted time trying to push "3-D" Technology into camera
and lenses!

that was a total flop, and waste of could have been spend more
useful implementing "true wireless capabilities" into DSLR, or mirrorless ones.

its 2012, and there should be at least "1" camera designed for the photojournalist

in mind, that would allow one to transmit directly from the camera to an ftp, or be
able to email selected images!

I do have a camera that i use for taking "pretty pictures", but when i go to work
i want to grab the camera with the features thats going to assist me to make
my work more efficient.

Please camera companies, let get real about putting out a serious camera, for serious

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