Does AF work with small aperture lenses (Sigma 150-500)

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Re: Potter

I dont understand when he says its not 4 stops,but 1/40ths at 450mm is pretty good.>

It’s only my gut feeling that I would have expected better results from the few hand-held trial shots I've made if I had shot 4 stops faster without OS (which would probably have needed a D3s or D4 sensor!). Although I’m not convinced I got a 4-stop improvement, I would need to make a lot of comparison shots to be sure the lens doesn’t give me a 4-stop improvement. I love your tiger, but 4 stops faster would be 1/640th, which doesn’t sound too much of a challenge at 450mm, although I’m still very inexperienced at these focal lengths, and I expect your hands are steadier than mine.

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