6M or 12M shooting

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Re: 6M Auto DR, 12M DR 100%

Wow, this thread has been like a 747, slow to take off, next thing, there is dog fight and then the plane lands

I came from a Fuji S1 so appreciate Fuji's new X series. IMHO, it's still 1st gen. and they have some bugs to work out.

Regardless of the camera, I think there are 2 different camps here. One that prefers Raw and PP, the other wanting to take pics without having to take
the time to PP, let the camera do all the work. Lately I have to say I fall in
the jpg camp, just tired of PP every photo, if not anything else, it's time

The X10 is great but they complicated it with the EXR feature, too many variations/variables. Hopefully they can simplify this in the future.

Enjoy the camera you have and keep snapping away!

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