Sony Nex-7 + Gary Fong Lightsphere = Could be a good combo

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Sony Nex-7 + Gary Fong Lightsphere = Could be a good combo

I got a Gary Fong Lightsphere collapsible a while back w/a 5dmk2 but never saw the appeal, using a Sto-Fen seemed fine. However I got back into flash photography w/the X100's excellent flash and was initially disappointed w/the Nex-7 as the onboard flash was so bad in comparison to the X100's.

However, the HVL-43AM flash is great and using that combo I've been enjoying getting some great pics. I tested the Lightsphere w/this combo and am finding it to work really well at giving a nice flat and even look.

I like an almost forensic look to my pictures and am an Orbis fan but that combo is unwieldy so the Lightsphere is a smaller alternative. I like the 43AM flash as it can rotate 90 degrees so is a cool compact portrait shooter and is good therefore at giving that 'close to the lens' flash look that fashion photographers like. Add the great screen or evf choice, peaking etc and it's a nice combo.

In the past I've used a Custom Brackets (think the Mini RC) bracket w/ my Canon flash just offset from the lens of my 5dmk2. However, it feels really easy w/the Sony Nex-7 and I don't need the bracket at all which is great.

The above combo of Nex-7, 43AM + Lightsphere for me gives a semi direct, semi ring flash feel (has a catch light for example, thou the light isn't dead centre) that so far I'm enjoying.

Here's some samples to shot both a direct and slightly bounced look:

Direct -
Slight Bounce -

These are basic snapshots of a mannequin's head against a slightly blue wall but I think you can see what I'm getting at.

Incidentally these are jpegs shot w/Neutral -3 -3 -3, which is a nice picture profile as it's pretty flat so good for the video shooters out there. It's not quite as flat as Canon's technicolour profile, but it's not far off, and actually I find the Canon profile a bit too flat as it can cause noise.

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