PENTAX 645D Why so expensive?

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Re: PENTAX 645D Why so expensive?

Vanadu wrote:

KentG wrote:

Why is the Pentax 645D so cheap at $9900 when the Hasselblad M4D with only 39MP costs $18000? How can Pentax make it that cheap?
Kent Gittings

How about nikon?

Two reasons.

  • Smaller sensor, made by Japanese suppliers used to consumer electronics, instead of Blad's military sensors.

  • Much, much bigger quantities. Nikon's going to sell as many of these things in a month or two as Pentax, Blad, P1/Mamiya, and Leica, combined, sell medium format bodies in a year.

But, as I outlined elsewhere in this thread, Pentax does have advantages over Blad: they buy more sensors, they buy a hundred times more processors and displays, they can "recycle" DSLR software, and they don't farm out the bodies to Fuji, like Blad does.

Pentax is the "missing link" between Nikon and Blad...

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