How many systems do you own?

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Canon 7D and m43


I have a Canon 7D with some fast zooms and telelenses, because it is a robust camera that is very responsive and has good continuous AF that can withstand some abuse and rain, and because of the good fast telelens selection that only Canon and Nikon offer. That's my nature and wildlife set.

I have a GF1 (that will be upgraded in the near future) with some lenses for family, friends and travel photography, and as a backup when I am out photographing in nature.

I'd like to have just one system, because that would mean I can fully invest in only one system. Now I am waiting for m43rds (or any other adequate yet portable system) to cover all my needs, but don't see that anytime shortly.

Mike D wrote:

Or maybe cams?

Just wondering if people have their Nikon/Canon main apsc/FF setup plus M43 as well. Anyone have the Nikon 1 system or are looking into also having the Fuji XPro system?

I have an X10 as my compact, X100, and M43rds at the moment. Looking at the XPro1 to be a 'Bigger' and higher IQ system and possibly a new olympus to use my M43rds glass with. But not sure if that's getting overkill to have two interchangeable lens systems. I'm guessing most of us on the forums are addicts to the hobby...
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