Binoculars for photographers ????

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Re: Binoculars for photographers ????

For anyone buying glasses look at them first before you buy. Check the weight. Will it be easy to carry? Can you hold it still? Also compare an expensive one with a less expensive one. Remember that your eye is foregiving. Does it focus easily? The glasses should have a way to focus each eye seperately. The best type allows you to focus one eye then focus the second. After that both eyes work off the the main focus.

This feature also allows you to use binoculars without your glasses on. Once you found the correct one you can still go to the internet to buy.

The first number is the magnification the second number is the diameter of the objective.

The bigger the diameter the more light is allowed in making the image brighter. Great for low light situations.

The larger the magnification the harder it is to hold still. The same as a camera.

There is a gyro controled binocular. which studies the picture even though you are on a small boat. These are excellent but expensive. They allow you to get more magnification and still hold still.

Happy looking.

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