There will never be an E7

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Re: We already have proof that there will be an E7...

I believe keeping the E-X DSLR line makes good business sense for Olympus:

(1) as were said many times, bigger camera / lens sells for higher price, and usually higher margin, but m4/3 is not there (yet), as people still believe bigger is better (usually true in camera land, but too big is, well, too big)

(2) 4/3 and m4/3 share sensor technology (as little as or as much as I know of) - most likely the vast majority of the electronic and software components are shared too

(3) 4/3 lens development is done - Oly "just" needs to manufacture them to profit - but there must be a camera to properly use the lenses in order to sell more

For m4/3 to survive and even perhaps to succeed, Oly must find competitive sensor for it all the time. If the sensor is competitive enough (say relative to APS-C), an E-X would be pretty attractive. Actually, if Oly keeps putting a new, competitive sensor into the E-5 body every couple of years and keep the other electronics up, there would still be a "good" market for it.

MManger wrote:

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At a retail price $500 more than the EM5, the E5 has a bigger profit margin per unit. This is a great niche and Olympus is not going to ask people willing to spend $1600-$1700 on a body to save their money and spend $1100-$1200 or jump to another brand...The EM5 was never intended to be a replacement. If it was, it would have been priced similarly.

--I haven't heard anyone suggest that they'd be willing to pay over $1500 for an EVF camera, but there is a solid market for DSLRs in this price range, and m4/3 doesn't translate well to mirrored bodies.

--The majority of camera buyers don't want "big" cameras, so it makes perfect sense that Olympus would discontinue their entry level DSLR offerings to produce more consumer bodies in m4/3. Professional photographers and many serious amateurs are not fleeing the DSLR in the same way. They have always been the market for the E-x line, and this market isn't disappearing.

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