How expensive are the zooms?

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How expensive are the zooms?

Just having a hard time trying to justify the prices on the two e-mount zooms.
I did a cursory accounting to put things in perspective;

NEX-5 ($400?)
tamron B011 ($740)
-> $1,140

Alpha A65v ($970)
tamron A014 ($230)
-> $1,200

currently have the ca$h on hand for only one of the two..
im weighing the pros and cons, also.

i find the NEX-5 system(i've had for a year);
1. fun
2. more fun
3. portable, discreet
4. great sensor, specially in low-light
5. a forest full of adaptable MF lenses ( i bought 3 myself!)

NEX-5, the downsides;
1. poor weatherproofing(body+lens, cant get it out in rain or negative temps)
2. uber expensive overpriced selection of lenses(see CZ and zooms)
3. slow, but accurate AF(properly set and used)
4. again, overpriced lenses
5. can't we have the zooms at ~$300?

for about the same amount, going alpha;
1. i get the 24MP sensor
2. choice of cheaper AF lenses
3. but not as much fun with fewer adaptable MF legacy lenses
4. will i miss the NEX's small size?
5. better weatherproofing in the alpha
6. GPS(geotagging is big for me)
7. faster AF, PDAF in video mode

what to do, what to do?
i want a zoom, but i feel it's a ripoff at current prices.

Sony Alpha NEX-5 Sony SLT-A65
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