Bayer vs. Foveon - comparison images.

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Final conclusion.

Apparently, raw converters over compensate for these type files with the pixel level color details and crank the NR to the max. It completely kills the foveon look we're used to seeing with our Sigma cameras.

Everyone was sure that first attempt was way OOF (except Roland :)). The focus was very close. the problem was that both converters applied way too much NR initially. That's the reason that shot looked soft and OOF, except the tire. The tire was monochrome and it survived the NR softening effects better, that's all. Here's that full size file with the NR off:

If this overly ambitious NR was confined to the CFA target only, it might be tolerable, but it's being applied to the entire scene.

Luckily, I own Silkypix. It allows me to apply however much NR I want to an ISO 100 file like this. SPP needs to give us Sigmates that option too. It shouldn't be that hard. I think I've shown here, the benefit of NR control at ISO 100 is obvious.

Continue fighting amongst yourselves. I'll go back to watching the train wreck that is the dpreview sigma forum.

Sorry for the ruffled feathers.


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