Thank god Marc Newson doesn't design the Pens....

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Re: In the designer's defense...

papillon_65 wrote:

All the Pens have IBIS and can mount pretty much any lens ever made. It's a godsend to Pentax users undoubtedly but not to pretty much everyone else.

Incidentally, most Pens have been used without viewfinders. Same with NEXs. Same with Samsungs. Same with P&S cameras. And without, its more helpful when talking to friends and family while photographing.

Yes but you have the option of an evf, that's the difference. An awful lot of people wouldn't touch a camera without that option, myself included. Also, trying shooting a longer focal length using just an lcd, it's not great and that's putting it mildly.

Olympus strategy for the Pen previously was to exclude viewfinders from their Pen. Later on they introduced an EVF. So too with Panasonic with their compact G cameras. They have only recentlyannounced a reasonable resolution EVF for their latest arguably costly GX1 camera.

It is more difficult for Pentax, because they have a competitor: their own K-R camera , which costs the same, but has a viewfinder. An Olympus viewfinder costs $250 although less lately, a Sony one costs $325 (which is a superior OLED technology). Add $350 onto the Pentax's price, and a $750 camera becomes $1100. And buyers can buy a K-5 - the top rank DSLR at DPReview - for $1,200 these days.

With Olympus, the coming OM-D (if its called that) may cost $1,100. It will not perform as well as the K-5 IMO, but it'll be more compact and perhaps much better at video.

Where is the Pentax left? As an affordable excellent sensor camera (under $1k with two zoom lenses going from in FF terms from 27mm to 300mm ) that also may do great video. It'll eat any M43 in low light, especially with a compact and fast Pentax prime. In time the cost of OLED EVFs will drop dramatically, and I presume then EVFs will be sold for the follow on product from this K-One.

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