which brand AA rechargable battery for SB900 speedlight?

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Re: which brand AA rechargable battery for SB900 speedlight?

They are all pretty much the same. I buy the least expensive name brand batteries I can find. If you want more power for the SB900 the answer is the Nikon SD-9 battery pack. With NiMh batteries there is less voltage per battery regardless of the brand than with alkaline batteries. Easiest way to improve the number of flashes before changing batteries and to dramatically shorten recycle times is by attaching a SD9 and going from 4 AA batteries to 12 AA batteries (and 12 x 1.5v for 18 volts) to recharge the speedlight's capacitors.

4 of the most expensive AA batteries you can find will last a fraction of the time of 12 of the cheapest and the expensive batteries will do next to nothing to improve average recycle times for the flash. One of the big advantages to the SB88/900 speedlights is the ability to add an external battery pack.

The SD9 costs 189.95 and includes a nylon carry case. I attach the case to the camera strap and hardly notice it is there - other than having much shorter recycle times and getting shots I would otherwise miss.

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