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Samsung's ability to deliver good software

From past experience with Samsung cutting GPS support, yet continuing to sell the wb650, I wouldn't bet on them being able to figure it out, to be honest.

I agree that it isn't wise to expect Samsung to deliver good GPS support though I doubt it is due to lack of technical expertise. Many of the problems and annoyances I've encountered with the HZ35W are easy fixes and I'm sure that their camera division has competent engineers who could address those issues.

My guess is that the product was EoLed and the entire team assigned to other projects. No funding == no change. Actually I believe that the "Mapview" component of the HZ35W firmware was probably outsourced to an external contractor. That contract ended before they identified the problems and it was considered too costly to re-engage with the contractor to enhance the software. Look at from Samsung's perspective: they would be paying money that could go elsewhere for nothing in return aside from the appreciation of camera owners like you and I.

When the 850 comes out I will be very skeptical and won't buy without giving their software a thorough workout.

(FYI - I've continued to use Mapview for basic navigation. Their raw Navtek data is actually quite accurate and complete. To bad the software doesn't make better use of it)

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