How many systems do you own?

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Re: Two shooter household

Louis_Dobson wrote:

So THREE systems, Nikon FF (too heavy), Oly E3 (getting old), MFT (where's the high DR semi pro camera?).

The Nikon FF is now minus body, just sold the D3. Waiting to see if the E-M5 has GH2 style DR (in which case the rest of the Nikon kit will be going), reasonable DR (in which case I will be getting a second hand D700) or lousy DR (in which case I will be getting a D800, and selling some MFT kit).

Here is an odd thought for you, Nikon rumors have a rumor that the D3100 entry level Nikon is about to be replaced with a D3200 with 24mp. Presumably this is the 24mp Sony sensor in the Nex 7. I checked DXO mark and it produces 13.4 EV of DR, which is plenty.

The D3200 will be Nikons entry level camera and as such it has 2 wonderful qualities, it is light and it is small (3 if you count the price) (4 if you count Nikon ergonomics)

With 24mp and 13.4 EV of DR at least (Nikon always get a half stop or more out of the same sensor as Sony do) this camera will be the finest shooting machine on the planet this side of a D800

Its exactly what you need for a lightweight camera with uncompromising IQ, it will leave the Oly for dust in every way except lens sizes but what price perfection?

Actually some of the money you save by not buying the Oly plus trinkets could go towards a Zeiss lens for the Nikon because not many lenses will fully resolve 24mp on a APS-C sensor.

Mike D wrote:

Or maybe cams?

Just wondering if people have their Nikon/Canon main apsc/FF setup plus M43 as well. Anyone have the Nikon 1 system or are looking into also having the Fuji XPro system?

I have an X10 as my compact, X100, and M43rds at the moment. Looking at the XPro1 to be a 'Bigger' and higher IQ system and possibly a new olympus to use my M43rds glass with. But not sure if that's getting overkill to have two interchangeable lens systems. I'm guessing most of us on the forums are addicts to the hobby...
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