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safaridon wrote:

NeilJones wrote:

“1.) Super fast AF is what we already know, but they also did something to improve the tracking they called it “3D tracking”. They track “moving objects” with their new “3D tracking” tech…

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What if the novel 3D tracking turns out to be no more than the face recognition that Pany and others have been using for more than a year? I hope it is something that will be fast enough to use for fast moving objects.

One guy commented that if 5 axis stabilization can move sensor in lens axis(to, from the lens), this movement can be used to focusing with manual lenses. It was dismissed because of short movement range. But, it made me thinking, what if this can be used to assist during focusing:

1) Sensor makes movement to and from the lens, now we have information whether focus is in front or back of the subject - so there is no need to turn lens to check contrast.

2) AF responsible parts in lenses starting to turn in right direction, sensor is in its max position to(or from) the lens. It can detect max contrast, stop the lens. and move back to normal position. So lens needs only one movement, no more overshooting to reach max contrast. Because of this, AF parts of the lens can be heavier - they do not need to change direction fast. Heavier means simpler, or having more glass - fast lenses(75/1.8 looks heavy). Also older lenses from 4/3 can achieve focus faster - no more moving focus back and forth.

3) 3D AF tracking - this could literally means 3d AF tracking. Suppose subject moves - there is no need to move glass, only sensor moves to check direction of movement, glass follow at computed speed.

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