How many systems do you own?

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Re: How many systems do you own?
  • 43rds - Started with e620.

  • M43rds - Wanted the small size and compatibility with my 43 lenses (14-54).

  • Canon FF - Spur of the moment decision. I couldn't get the m43rd 25mm f1.4, so I got a cheap 5D and 50mm F1.8. This would be my "beater". Ground mirror for manuals that would slap the glass and such...

I liked the epl1 much more than my e620. While the e620 was better with balancing longer lenses like the 70-300mm, the epl1 live view was quicker and more accurate CDAF in the dark than PDAF of the e620. Even with the old 25mm panny leica, the e620 would hunt poorly in PDAF mode. CDAF wasn't fast enough.

I learned mostly on the epl1 as a result - I've been through tons of manual lenses, so now I'm pretty much set in knowing what lenses I'll be comfortable with in a system.

I REALLY like the results I get from the 5D. I'll have the fewest lenses in this system, but I'll be going for the lenses that matter to me most.

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