nikon flash advice or tutorials?

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Re: nikon flash advice or tutorials?

Mako2011 wrote:

.. i use a sto-fen omni bounce with the flash head tilted 45'. this is exactly how i also used the canon gear.....

Apples to oranges but using one mode for all scenes seems limiting...especially 45' with an omni bonce, as the situation were that is the best might be rare. Are you in TTL, TTL-BL, manual, matrix, many things change the result.

woof... see i don't even know. this was something in ever even had to think about on the canon.

45' degree omni bounce may not be the best for each situation, but it was the mode that delivered the best results the highest number of times. for instance, if i went to a wedding (as a guest, not a pro) and took photos, no matter how high the ceiling was or how bright the lights were, the sto-fen would give me a nice diffused flash for soft lighting on the subject which is what i was looking for.

also useful for outdoors at night or when using fill flash as far as i'm concerned.

i'll have to read up on the TTL flash modes...

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