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Re: Sorry I have no experoence with Drobo S but...

MurryG wrote:

An inexpensive fast/interim solution might help? I am on a PC and I use a 1TB Western Digital Element external drive with the free copy of Macrium Reflect to make a mirror copy of my C and D drives at least once a week (more often if I'm doing a lot of retouching or have a lot of new photos). It takes about three hours to backup, verify and display a few files to make sure everything went okay. I paid $80 for the drive and you can probably get a 2TB version now for about the same amount. The software is free. This would give you a certain amount of peace of mind while you develope a more sophisticated backup plan.

Macrium reflect is great - but I'd suggest using it slightly differently.

Have 2 systems running on the same machine - one for daily use and one for administering and performing backups.

Have as many data drives as you like - but disconnect the backup system when not in use (Disable it in bios if you're not prone to lightning strikes).

This allows you to restore the complete backup including the operating system should a drive fail, your system be corrupted or anything worse happens... beyond theft.

As the hard-drives are connected via SATA as opposed to USB2, you can expect 60Mb/or more as opposed to 30Mb/s - your backup takes less than half the time and SATA is generally more reliable.

A straight USB backup is asking for trouble though unless you use teracopy or something similar which checks the files after copying them.

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