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Thank you so much for those links. I thought I'd have a look at the Kodak forum, to see whether I could glean any further info. on what was going on.

I saw the "The Kodak" heading, clicked on your message and then sat and watched the excellent programme - which showed me a lot of things I had forgotten as well as lots I had not known.

I remember an old Kodak box camera the family had. I'm fairly sure it took 127 film. Two little reflex viewfinders, depending on whether you wanted portrait or landscape view. I can remember the feel of the shutter lever and the winder. I think the film and spools were on a matte black metal box, which slid out of the casing.

My Dad gave me an Ising Pucky 1 TLR, which took 120 film, as my own first camera. Somewhere, in a box in storage, I still have some photos I took with it.

Happy days.... Fairly obviously, as I browse this site, I still love my photography!

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